How can I control who sees my rates?

Every TariffEngine user has the ability to control who can access their rates and restrict parties as well.

Agents can use 2 free Channels to control the audience for their tariffs:

All available - opening your rates to all PricePoint users

Geographic - opening your rates to all PricePoint users outside of your geographic area


Private Channels

Our  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions offer Private Channels, which is an option for:

  • Agents who want to offer specific rates to a selected group.
  • Bookers that wish to obtain specific rates from one of their Agents. 

If you are a subscriber and want to make use of a Private Channel, all you have to do is contact our Support team at, and provide the following information along with your request:


- Easy to identify name for the Private Channel

- List of agents to be included in this group.


Our team will create this customized group of agents/bookers. When an agent wishes to load rates for this specific channel, after entering the start and end points of the tariff, this Private Channel will be displayed as an option within the agent's channels.