What are the new Mover2Mover Features?

Private Channels, Booking Moves and Supplementals. How exactly do they work?

Private Channels

The concept of Private Channels is similar to what we used to call "Customized Audiences". A private channel is what an Agent would use to share a specific set of rates with an exclusive group of Agents/Bookers. The "All available", "Geographic" and "Restricted" channels will work the same way as they did and remain free of charge. 

All available - opening your rates to all PricePoint users

Geographic - opening your rates to all PricePoint users outside of your geographic area

Restricted - limit specific agents from accessing your rates

Private Channel - a customized group of agents/bookers that can access a specific set of rates


Booking Moves

Our users asked, and we listened. The ability to book shipments through the PricePoint platform was one of the top requested features in the past years. Our Calculator users will now be able to click on a "Book Shipment" option that will trigger an initiation email to the Agent whose rate they've selected. Both Agents and Bookers will have a "Booked Shipments" summary page where they'll be able to track initiations that have come through PricePoint. 



Supplementals can be a big portion of the total cost of a Move. It is important for Bookers to have a sense of what these costs will be when awarding a shipment to an Agent. With this new PricePoint feature, Agents will be able to enter their Supplemental rates along with their OA/DA service rates and our Calculator users will be able to consult and calculate these charges from the start of the quote. 


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